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Introducing -VIBE Festival

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[A New festival for AUTUMN 2020]
10 Oct—22 Nov 2020

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The message of this Autumn’s 1st VIBE Festival then is ‘come – hang – check‘. Check-out your local record shops’ unique vibe. Come explore them as:

  • encyclopedic and visual sq/m spaces of music and cultural history.
  • breakers of emerging or off-beat music talent.
  • social hubs for exploring your own music tastes.

To help get this started, there’s a shop list showing you the type of things you can expect to find in-store. Happening ONLY through the very kind participation of the best local record shops. Featuring:

Paris Vcat x-Art

⊚ Citeaux Sphere

Paris Vcat x-Art

⊚ Music Avenue

Paris Vcat x-Art

⊚ Kanaga Records

Paris Vcat x-Vibe

⊚ Born Bad

Copenhagen Vcat x-Art

⊚ BEAT København V

Paris Vcat x-Art

⊚ Soul Ableta

Paris Vcat x-Art

⊚ Dizonord

Paris Vcat x-Art

⊚ Bigwax Records

So, to reiterate; the message of this Autumn’s 1st VIBE is to come and check the recordshop. Come, hang and check some of the visual art in-store through record-sleeves or special exhibitions. See how the record shop IS not only a place to discover breaking new music talent, BUT ALSO a vital trigger to maintaining vibrant neighborhoods. Enjoy anytime: for us, the VIBE festival is a way of featuring some of our favorites, and spotlighting the visual aspect of record shops this autumn: between 10 Oct—22 Nov 2020.

About Disc:cover blog

Disc:cover is set-up by me Paul Wright with a couple of colleagues who met via the @spottedbylocals network. After a few exchanges on Instagram, the Disc:cover idea began taking shape: the mission being to celebrate the unique vibe of the local record shop – past, present and future. So comes Disc:cover_blog looking at the isual vibe behind the music. And introducing ▼-VIBE Festival, which features visual art/ist exhibitions, and events in and about local record shops.